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Hatfield, United Kingdom
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June 10, 2020


Hi, I’m Thom. I run AudioWhirl - your one-stop solution for all professional audio projects. I have 20 years experience in studios, writing, recording and producing records. I offer an industry level service in the following areas:

Songwriting - I will write you a complete song with lyrics in a choice of styles
Melody writing - I will create and record a topline melody for your song
Lyric writing - I will write original lyrics for your song

Lead vocals - I will sing your song in any genre
Harmonies - I will sing backing vocals and harmonies
Voice overs - I will provide the British voice to your project

Song mixing - I will mix your individual tracks or stems
Song mastering - I will master your final mix

Critiquing/song reviewing - I will listen to your song and give constructive feedback
Vocal performance assessment - I will assess and appraise your vocals
Lyric Critiquing - I will read your lyrics and suggest any improvements
Band/artist name creation - I will research and create the ideal name to suit your style

Any other audio needs? Please contact me.

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Industry Experience:
Media & Entertainment

Gear & Software Experience:
PreSonus Studio One ( Expert )
    uniE608 Example song written in upbeat pop style
    uniE608 Song written for client in 'Motown' style
    uniE608 Example song written in pop/rock/country style
    uniE608 Example song written in synth pop/dance style

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