Meraki - Uplifting Urban/Hiphop Beat

Published by Audiophrenic


We did not think of the common rural area, but pictured rather a obscure green landscape within one of the most population dense places on earth. Those places where life goes fast and people struggle with their time, but still come there to get their little amount of nature. With that in mind, we created this artsy piece. We chose for a robust contrast between cold and warm sounds. For example the most noticeable piece is that the main piano has a cold tone to it and the bass is really warm. You notice a lot of various rhythms in this instrumental, it carries the long pads and organs for the most part. Also one feature that it has, it glues all sounds together! One of the most interesting elements are the catchy melodies that mesh into each other and the partially unpredictable drum-line. We think that this instrumental does really fit for a uplifting topic. #audio #Hiphop Rap #Instrumental #Beat #Urban #Uplifting #Inspirational #Motivational # #Melodic #Catchy #Progressive #Mesmerizing #Futuristic #Analog #Bassline #Piano #Organ #ShortSynth #SynthSweep #SynthLead

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