Ra Oro Handmade Jewelry Logo

Published by Avanza Graphic Design

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Logo and branding designed for a Handmade Jewelry brand own by a friend of mine. This project was really interesting and so easy to work with, the logo initially represented 3 things: Ra, the Egyptian God of Sun, Oro, the Spanish word for Gold and Sol, the Spanish word for Sun, which are interestingly enough, the first 2 to 3 letters of my friend's First and Last Names, Raquel Orozco Solis. The brand was called Ra Oro Sol, but we dumped the word "Sol" to make it more easy to remember and easily to find, it has a visual representation of Gold by using the hexagon symbol, which is as well associated with Honey, the liquid gold, as well as, golden colors for Ra and Sun. I also made the initial photography work for the brand. #photo #branding #graphicdesigner

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