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Boston, United States
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Saved by Grace and processed with Mercy i bless God the Lord Jesus Christ through these verbal testimonies that i choose to share with you through the art of music. I don’t do this for the Lord but i do this because of the Lord. As I let my light shine He gets glorified. My first project is called “Exit”. Referring to me exiting my old and entering into the new. Turning my back on sin(explaining the profile cover). Favorite songs are “they don’t know”, “Axellboy”, and “do away with the flesh”. Now I’m starting on a new project titled “Spiritual Warfare”. That is what my music is. To bring into rememberance that we(Saints)are in a war. A spiritual war. So like me. comment me. Follow me as i follow Christ.
always looking to collab. https://www.twine.fm/signin
instagram #axellboy

    uniE603 We Gon Be Here feat. VaLor and M. Gibson
    uniE603 Nobody Better feat. Nate Dogg
    uniE603 True To Your Word feat. Wife