Speed Sampling - Ep.1 - No time to explain!

Published by Axwai Asbl

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Speed Sampling is a series we will be releasing once a month. The idea is a quick video, showing which vinyl is sampled, which parts were recorded and a finished beat , all in a short video. We invited Beat makers to our studio, let them pick a record from our stash (The Briefcase) and make a beat on the spot. First Epsiode, Swinx, kicks it off. He gets two records, this will be an exception for this first episode. Check his music out. https://soundcloud.com/swinx Let us know what you think, leave a comment, share and like if you do like it!! Our social media links. Follow us and stay up to date! https://twitter.com/axwai_asbl https://soundcloud.com/axwai-productions https://axwaiproductions.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/cathecah https://soundcloud.com/rockus-new-era https://www.facebook.com/AXWAI-ASBL-2... https://soundcloud.com/rustee-frequency #clip #musicvideo #guide #funny #sampling #hiphop #beats #instrumentals #producers #vinyl

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