BB 011: Self-Awareness and Sharia Law

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BB 011: Self-Awareness and Sharia Law Welcome to episode 11 of the BDONBITS Podcast. This is the show where we talk about passions, projects, and playlists with some pretty cool people, all in one take. Today we have Roxine joining us to talk about some things like… - Being a professional dabbler - Writing a blog - Fake it ‘til you make it - Bringing value over clickbait - Youth mental health - Edmonton Mental Health Awareness Society - Showcasing your hobbies - Hearing other people’s stories - Embracing differences - Humans of New York - Exploiting Sharia Law - Combatting sexism - Questioning where your values come from - The Criminal podcast - Seeing dead bodies for real - Being self-aware - Not knowing what to do after university - Being high and drunk and sober at the same time - Having an intervention - Following your instincts - Hiding a porn career from your parents - Not being sponsored by Spotify Hope you enjoy :) Tracklist for this episode:
 One Shot Two Shot - BOA Sweet Dreams (Andrey Keyton & Sharapov Remix) - Lika Morgan Don’t You Worry Child (Charming Horses Remix) - Beth Puffy - Mason Maynard Sleepless (Club Edit) - Cazzette ft. The High Infinity (Klaas Vocal Mix) - Guru Josh Project Stay tuned for the video of this podcast. Peep my socials: #audio #Podcast #talk #show #Entertainment #bdonbits #selfawareness #sharia #KPop #Oldschool #House #Remix #Dj #Mixtape #Chill #Chillout #Progressive

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