Tony Montana [prod. BenJamin Banger]

Published by BLK OUT

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My submission for r/makinghiphop's weekly cypher V33. Beat: B.A.N.G. by BenJamin Banger Theme: Betrayal LYRICS: Criminal intent's why this all begun Coke took me from Cuba to be a king under the sun Hasta la vista modern conquista- -Dors married a whore that snorts bored at the feasts, cause All I talk is politics, drug money, and hollow tips Refuse to bottom out, snort a line to stay on top of it Montana real estate covering the realer stakes Every hand I play is like betting on the breaths I take To much to think about I forgot about family But my love for my sister would ultimately damn me Damn me to the darkest corners of hell That look in her eyes as her newly wed fell He was not only her husband but was a brother to myself Betrayal doesn't even cover the emotions that i felt Cocaince, secrets, lies, and descrete shifts Took the world away from me when I thought I could keep it #audio #rap #cocaine #Tony #Montana #Scarface

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