Off My Chest

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Lyrics: {Verse 1} Treat the beat like Mary with immaculate delivery Beat my meat like Harry I ejaculate wizardry See my feet big and scary give Littlefoot misery You tryna make it, dog? I just do it for the lyrics, G I do it for the chaos no fucking reason Ashin’ Kusher to this track, fags, it’s open season Mashing bullets in the mag and there ain’t no reason I’ll unload a couple rounds at y’all if I feel that I need it {Bridge 1} I fucking need it I said I need it Aggression- you know that I need it Uh, what do I need? {Verse 2} All I need is a kick drum and a chord progression To take pandemonium and create pure aggression Like when Johnny “Beats” Bradley was bragging about his handgun Or taking off his little sister’s panties for some fam-fun It’s cool incest is still legal here the bible says it’s aight as long as you hunt deer “Here here, you little fucking game queers, Quit looking at me cause that look you have is weird” I’ll chop-shop a Bugatti just to kill you off with tears I’ll pop a cock in your mommy to solidify the smear On the fucking mic, I’m gonna modify your mirror Like the faces of meth: fine to ratchet in a year {Bridge 2} I need it I need it so bad Aggression I need it man I’m living and I’ve had it With all you little fucking douchers I’m gonna come through and I’m gonna consumer ya Aggression I need it Do not impede it, I need it Fuck it, I got something else to say {Verse 3} Am I the only one who still thinks Bieber’s a faggot- Pussy-ass-freshman way below average? I say, Hollywood, put him next to Degeneres So I can respond with I cannot tell the difference I bet he has a midget dick and mommy problems Well Biebs I got a few to, how do you suggest we solve them I like the butcher knife but I’m partial to the chainsaw Oh, I see you like wrecking million daughter sports cars Let’s hit up sports bars but do it illegally Paint ourselves Mexican pack fake I.D.’s from Italy Mario and his brother Luigi Buy some busty MILFs: bars, bubbly, chase it down with Fiji If not, then Vas water Only nice shit up in this bitch Giving (Jake) Goldberg a holler Mentioning his name might even cost me some dollars Jew jokes aside, come on Hollywood’s his father {Bridge 3} I need it I fucking need it You know aggression I fucking need it Oh, I need it Aggression is my thing I need it Fuck it {Outro} Fuck it Fuck it Joey Jacawitz ‘015 Gonna make all your kids scream When I become president It will be evident that you have no more evidence For your bullshit and your lies I’m gonna expose every single crime Fuck it Joey Jacawitz Oh-one-five Coming for your kids #audio #Rap #Music #WhiteBoy #Rapping #HipHop

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