The Woodsmen (prod. Eric Parker)

Published by BLK OUT

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Eric Parker and I linked up on /r/makinghiphop's collab call thread. His original instrumental is called "Streams". The Lyrics are below, enjoy. FOLLOW @EricParkermakesmusic LYRICS: {Verse 1} I’m an old soul gringo screaming like an emo ice cold, strike gold, fight those ringtones Fly high means go when I’m rendering a rap scroll Blindfold? on the line? hook-shot? I sink those Step into the ring, bro, or duck out like Floyd, so I beat your whole team with these puck sluts and rink hoes Wrinkle in my clothes, and isn’t it obvious? Blue methamphetamine, you betting me I won’t be off it?! Shit! I’m Heisenberg’s entire fucking profit What I put in my body would put you into a coffin What I breath in as fresh air would probably have you coughing Get a Britney on my cock, shit, so I could die toxic God, kick the logic, burning man’s my biopic I’m hotter than a topic and odder than your mom’s dick Father to your daughters lambs i lead them into slaughter No honor in this montra just the blowback of karma I'm getting it righter than dylan klebold: no one will disarm us This kamikaze is getting all up on ya Unisex, unified, Unabomber who go’n bomb ya I'm a calmer Jeffrey Dahmer so much more than just a monster {Hook} x2 In the woods all alone raised by wolves on the bone Hostile to outsiders who try to enter into my home {Verse 2} I’m out here in woods with man EP he’s making beats outta trees while i’m tryna emcee the finer china’s in me, these enemy threats be empty Life or death in the cypher, they die I siphon they energy Vanilla Ice is into me, eminem was not gimmicky Put me and yela on track and call it white boy symphony give me action bronson to and maybe asher if he’s cool I only fuck with Nicki cause iggy is a tool Nicole Kidman is the only aussie bitch I fuck with Smoking pot in her yard while she gives her kids a tuck in Fucking cunt, you know I want her so bad I know where you live Miss Kidman I just wanted you to know that So what? You talking shit, I talk gold and platinum Go strut you shitty stuff, and I take these playing fields and flatten em battle raps attacking, I’m putting raps in my pokedex I’m all about catching em - you fucks haven’t seen potent yet I’ll pilot the riot and pile up the quiet Get the pile and ignite it now look at em all fighting See that’s my method, I give power to the intrepid Say what you gotta say or you will live to regret it {Hook} x2 In the wood all alone raised by wolves on the bone Hostile to outsiders who enter in my home {Verse 3} So I was smoking a jay watching the GOP debate When Carly Fiorina had some shit to say Apparently her kid had himself quite the overdose If he heard what you’re saying he’d be happy that its over, hoe See, i know this because I know him, both souls been broken but we coping smoking dope 'n Roaches keep encroaching, and poaching off our livestock Carly, you’re the roach surviving while your boy died off Fuck off BLK OUT say that shit

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