Off Kilter [prod. San Cypress]

Published by BLK OUT

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A BLK OUT production produced by San Cypress and recorded at 1092 Studios in Nashville, Tennessee I never sold a crack rock, I never stole a drop top, I never held a glock sideways in a crop top So, why's it that these fucks always look at me like Oddjob? I'll tell you why: it's because I am to Hip-Hop What gold is to Fort Knox - I'm talking essential First I'm just a fan at shows going off mental No guidance or directions when I picked up the pencil So, I had no idea there was even a stencil (yo) Like the kid I've always been I might've been indulging in: Saying fuck the lines I'll decide where I color-in My ideas are my own, and no, I ain't conforming them I will not give them up I'd rather date a fuckin' born-again Whoring it for quarter-pence, oral for under 40 cents I'd rather go an self-immolate with explosive ordinance La la la la lala la laaa... On the other side of things are some undercover dreams I ain't fuckin' with ego so I keep 'em low key Like a speakeasy I drink until I'm queasy Starving artist hardly seeing the world bleakly Habit-forming loser choosing to think freely I'm a goofy dude loosely losing his mind easily Wizard on the mic, fuck Potter, I'm Ron Weasley Witchcraft pussy I'm getting up on the weekly Who the fuck else does it so damn steezy? I love it so fuck it even if the pain be measly Look who it is. BLK OUT on the side street Eyes wide since his nineteenth lobotomy Slick as a Smith & Wesson when it comes to my timed speech Busy Warming benches, now I'm climbing life's peaks I speak for those who out there listening Word-speak ain't a lost art it's just fucking transitioning I like where it's headed but where could it take me Before it's taken me to places celebrated greatly Hey let's see...I been to the Plastic Beach I've panicked at a disco, thnks fr th mmrs I've been through Eminem's use, relapse and recovery All this music input why you think I got the lobotomy For those who don't know the stop-n-shop has officially Dropped and here we go it's open for delivery #audio #rap #beat #instrumental #cool #chill #trippy

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