Abraysive [prod. Mowgli]

Published by BLK OUT

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Beat: "Parlor" by Mowgli Lyrics below: Pissed at my mom bitch won’t let me smoke a cigarette Hits from the bong Boy i’m sauced like some vinegrette and the list goes on and my hands are feeling really wet did i the ceiling yet? Bray, you acting silly, breh i’m an asshole selfish as low as shellfish bottom feeder motherfucker Tryna get his devilish grin from spelling shit out like the fellowship the path to mordor is the path that i’m fucking with right foot left foot break my damn collarbone right foot left foot now i think i'm in the baller zone got her home all alone onomatapeoia boned Spitting on a beat by mo acting like i run the show hot shit never glows it steams until it starts to roll down the drain to the gutter where my head likes to go down the drain to gutter flow about as smooth as a butter cold as ice in the summer oh he’s melting that’s a bummer ohhh that’s a big big bummer cypher siphon waste my gas like a h3 hummer cypher siphon waste my gas like an h3 hummer fighters hyping up they ass like they all 3 hunna #audio #rap #cypher

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