B-Liv - Earhart (Original Mix) / DJI / Molacacho ***OUT NOW***

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Inspired by a speech of Amelia Mary Earhart, a famous American pilot when she attempted the first air journey around the world following the equator and disappearing in the Pacific Ocean on July 2, 1937. "Earhart" is a house track full of Latin and soulful vibes that features Amelia´s voice evokeing her flight over the Caribbean Sea. This track conceived and produced by B-Liv, and signed by the legendary record label "DJ International Records in Chicago¨ the first house label in history, and licenced to be presented by Molacacho records in Miami during WMC 2014, and will be for sale from the second week of February 2014. --- -Giulio Bonacio (Italy -Tony Records): Nice -Joeski (Mayan Ny): Nice track bro. Support -Rocky Jones (Ware House Chicago / DJIR: Hitting -Giacomo 'Jacko' Berarducci (Tony Records): Cool good job! yeah the track sounds nice, deep vibes -JJ Mullor (Supermarket Records) - Yeah, cool track -Alyosha Barreiro (Músico y Productor Mexicano): Track con gran poder, Groove y vocales envolventes. Full Support. -Freddy Gonzalez (Soulful Producer Bcn): Grande B-Liv...como siempre sorprendiendo en cada produccion !!! Full Support from Bcn -Manuel Contreras (Deep House Producer- Molacacho Records Bcn): Future sound of México -Juan Pacifico (GreenSlash Recordings, Soulful Producer): Great track!! will be in my radio show!!! -Oscar Velazquez (Top Dj in México): Love the groove... Full Support! -Dany Cohiba (Multi Charted Bcn Electronic Artist / Almibar, Stereo, etc): Está guapo el track, me gustó -2GoodSouls /Del Amore Radio /LINDZ : Nice soulful vibes! Time for the outdoors pool party! -Glender /A. Tavares Naraya Records Portugal: Love it! very good work on the groove love the keys and the vocals. Thanks alot for sharing! -Jey In Da House (Ibiza Dj & Producer) : Rollazo cool house que tiene amigo! ya le veo a esto muchos remixes!!! Elegant and cool house music!!! yeahhh ;-) -José Diaz (A&R Molacacho Records Bcn) : WOW!! High quality, my friend!. -Ian Osborn (France, Dj & Producer): So nice!!! Love it!! -D´Layna (L.A. House Singer-Azucar/Open Bar): Great track as always! -Willy SanJuan (DJ & Producer / Solitario Records A&R): Superb... I love it! -Jaymz Nylon (Afro house pioneer/ Nylon Recordings) : Dig it and love the A. Earhart tribute...=-) #audio #soulful #House #soulful

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