Dynamite (Feat. Aneeway Jones & Which Craft)

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More informations on https://www.twine.fm/signin Artist: BeO Album: All One (Release the 5th april, 2013) Music by Green Stone (DAW, electronic keyboard, sampler) Featuring : Aneeway Jones (beatmaker) & Which Craft (voice & lyrics) Mixed by Lionel “Yo” Pelatan at Studio Vulture, Ardèche, France Mastered by Cédric Monnet Lyrics In the Journal of light I write Psalms in my Palms With my Queen and my daughter Painted onto my arms At the pearly gates of heaven gave a pound to the guard the only reason I exist is just the blessing of Jah (God) It’s like Nichrome making the resistance of electrons Flow produces heat like Nickel Chromium come on Never dark adaption Faint sources of light as my pupils become larger tunnel is vision is their sight (tunnel vision is the only sight) You may not pervade the universe or oppose the tendency for Clusters of Nebula Golden Comets that pour Radio Astrophysical Elliptical Dwarf Nova Terrifical Divine as the heavens Ecliptic orbit the sun Epicycle I am the motion in the center of the Cypher Riffle Stray Bullets of mental hit your charade From my temples Spherical Objects Disk Shaped like a miracle Galileo Queen Sung it best Melody Lyrical #audio #Hip Hop #Hip #Hop #reggae #Dub #Which #Craft #Aneeway #Jones

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