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More informations on https://www.twine.fm/signin Artist: BeO Album: All One (Release the 5th april, 2013) Music & lyrics by Green Stone (DAW, electronic keyboard, sampler) Featuring Traitresse (voice) Mixed by Lionel “Yo” Pelatan at Studio Vulture, Ardèche, France Mastered by Cédric Monnet Artwork & Design by Maud Chalmel Lyrics Why should the sound of my voice become words? Words are not enough. Do you think words are enough to tell how we feel? Do you really believe the alphabet is a mean to express your deepest feelings? 26 letters? Not only have we got a mouth but we also have a nose, a couple of eyes, hands as well as ears. We all have some sort of thing in our subconscious, deep inside, like a secret dream, an enchained utopia. But it is impossible for us to express it, to free it. We have never been able to dwell on it, we have never had the time, we have never had the will, it has never been our goal. We born, we learn, we are taught, we are given our goal. Listen to this! Eat this! Drink this… not that! Say this! Touch that! Feel this… not that! Stay here, do not go over there. This is your friend, this is your life... not that one! We think we have chosen the right way… But have we? We think we decide on that way…But have we? Good and Evil, definite and indefinite I want to do what I feel like doing. Just for a moment…at least for an instant You and me, let’s imagine what we wish to imagine, Without being influenced… Can we? Let’s escape, let’s go for a walk along an imagination path as we please, a path towards improvisation, a path towards freedom, just for a moment. Just experience it, let’s dream with our eyes wide opened, let’s forget where we are, leaving everything behind, let’s mix our senses. Perhaps this is art… #audio #Triphop #Trip #hop #Utopia #BeO

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