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Brno, Brno-střed, Czechia
Last online: 3 weeks ago

Gem Reflection is Czech downtempo project founded in 2004 by producer, composer and musician Martin Brandejs /brendy/. His music is influenced by breakbeat, psytrance/psychill, reggae, ethno, triphop and also early electronic music from Amiga era or czech film music composer Karel Svoboda.

In 2010, guitarist Ondrej Benkovic /benki/ appeared with brendy at Cyklista psytrance festival and after another few live performances he joined the project.

Today, Gem Reflection is two men project. We usually play at chillout stages at many czech psytrance festivals.

March 2012 - new album was released - Gem Reflection 05, recorded both in studio and on 2011 “tour”.

What I Make:
    uniE603 GEM REFLECTION - SLEEPLESS NIGHT (for Crystal and Pearls compilation by ForSageOne)
    uniE603 Gem Reflection 06 - The Awakening Of Consciousness
    uniE603 Ambientium feat. Benki - Live At Etnica Global Chillout Festival, Brno, Czech Rep.
    uniE603 08 - Dluvho Sy Nebi (live)