Jenny (prod. by M.D.U.B.B. Elemeye)

Published by Beretta Biz

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Lyrics: Jenny Lyrics: That feeling like/when you wake up from a good nap/or a good night/it's all over but/it's all good right/got Jenny by my side/no doubt my dream girl/my eyes open she still here/need her like a gimp need a wheel chair/need her like a pimp need hoes/need her like need her like needle in the haystack when I chose/need a girl to keep me on my toes/hope you got some homegirls for my bros/that's how we rocking/this life gang no other options/this life mane/kiss her on the lips like light rain/she like long trips we can take the train/through my songs clips and them bong rips we play kinky games/won't fall out/I pinky swear/where you tryna go I'll meet you there/or take you there/in that box regal/ya passion like dem 10 inch speakers/it's that heavy/I don't do the lean that act deadly/want a brownstone and black chevy/I could call my own/landau/like lonzo/but this training day I need a bobble head/my Jenny/I ain't talking Jenny Craig/this no gimmicks/Bizzy do be flexing/no kidding/still ima like able guy/how you like it so far since you never been through this district/yea I know the people boujie as shit tho/but you won't find this service in the city/still ain't found a view this pretty/shit I was looking at you when I said it/wasn't no coincidence I meant it/never know simping nigga but damn it/baby you the 1 like tag you it/baby you the 1 like tag...not no one night only get one life chance Bridge: I remember when we first was tripping with ya girls on ya front step....I was tryna play it cool like wassup shorty....then heard you snicker like these niggas can't do nothing for me...I'm like you right but I'm not them they ain't got nothing on if you speaking of a king then that's a different story....come and be my queen if only one night #audio #Indie #Smooth #Hip #Hop #Pimping #Playa #Jenny #MDUBB #Elemeye #BroLife #MWTM #ChillSet #Bizzy #Beretta #MTown #Philly #Uptown #SP #Spacey

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