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Berthmark. https://www.twine.fm/signin
Is a Singer/Song-writing fun loving romantic musician from Dublin/Ireland, His Music consists of a mixture of Folk/Blues/ and Acoustic Indie Rock told with a story telling tongue.

As a child He always loved to delve into the arts and while Sitting on his parents floor spent most of his days writing stories and drawing/painting.
He loved to make up characters for himself to role play for his class mates and In 1996 while he was at school he joined a Drama group. By being in this group , he got a taste of what it would be like to be on center stage.
Himself and a fellow classmate wrote their own short gag reels and after each drama class used to act them out for the rest of the group, which became an on going thing and somewhat a highlight for the class. The previous year he was taught how to play the thin whistle and bodhran and He eventually went on to teach himself other instruments as he started to put his short stories into songs and that Art form took his heart. A couple of years later he joined a Senior folk group in his local church. This is where he got to play with a few experienced musicians while mastering his style of playing, to later set up a junior folk group where he used to teach other younger kids how to play.

Over the years Mark played in different bands playing the live scene with different styles of music and his future seemed set… until life started to take it toll.
Back in 2008 due to unforeseeable circumstances and a failed relationship, Mark had no other choice but to take over full custody of his three young children.
In that time, he had found himself within a struggle both physically and mentally, fighting his inner demons while trying to raise his family and hold a full time job and in turn keeping his passion alive…… His music.

His love for writing is apparent and the ability to tell stories is shown in songs such as…. “Government A” >> https://www.twine.fm/signin
A song on our then struggling Irish government under the bad leadership of Cowen and their bad choices and mishaps. A song most countries today can relate to.
And “Matthew” >> https://www.twine.fm/signin
A Indie Acoustic song about his Son, that brings a more personal approach to the table and shows how Mark can take a story and tell it with heart and bring it to life with soulful acoustic music…
This music included covers and originals, he has built up quite a back catalog of his own songs over the years. Some he had recorded as home demos https://www.twine.fm/signin and some releases
on Spotify and iTunes. >> https://www.twine.fm/signin
He is always writing new material to share to the world …Some wacky,Some tongue and cheek…. But if its GUITAR music you want brought to life through a great story …… You have come to the right place.

… Love Music.? …….Please Join him on His journey.

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