Zebras May Be Ninjas

Published by Timothy James Dickinson

  • 1 credits

First of all - WHAT THE FUDGE IS ★SHINY★ ? ★ "Shiny is a form of electronic indie pop from Japan, notable for its use of video game samples and general lack of bass frequencies." - It's actually not...it's a fake genre coined by renowned Canadian music producer & Youtuber; Andrew Huang :) Zebras May Be Ninjas was an attempt by myself to contribute this soon-to-be-real music genre. I had originally made this track with bilingual lyrics (English/Japanese). However, I felt my voice didn't do this track any justice. THEREFORE, if you are up for creating your own vocals for this, by all means, let me know and we can work together on this! :) #audio #SHINY #JPop #Japan #Andrew #Huang

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