Pickled Popcorn (Prod. by Alex Collins)

Published by Big Roshi

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Lyrics: Im just thinkin bout that shit that makes the mother fucker go round not bound freer than the slaves that left town django on you fuckers draggin on these juggers teachin mother fuckers better than they own mothers not the same tho aint no homo life so fun we gotta spielberg on a go pro go low you hoe old shit I woulda said But layin down and thinkin out id rather be dead point of life is pointless if it aint you who led gotta get that bread, gotta get that car, go throw out the bed but you shittin yourself you bringing on that had fled but fuck that, youll rock that till the day that youre dead better understand aint got tiiiiime for this shit quotin drake you betta put a liiiine through that shit cus the way my life goin aint got lines in this shit swervin loaded calibur boutta liiiiight in this bitch Im hotter youre notter you lack what we own you droppin you flopped it now you the floor im not kind im not nice go fuck you cellphone I wouldnt share my dig if it was the last thing I own bitchboy you done bitchboy no fun you cry more than dashians, it has been done go get to trottin souffle and ciroc’n get a beat and flowin please dont stop we cockin ahhh but we know we rock and glow hatin on us guess ill see you at the fuckin door in the airport as I fuckin go never stoppin risin motherfucker what you know #audio #Rap #Hip #Hop #beat #dope

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