Next Step (Prod. by John Beats)

Published by Big Roshi

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Lyrics: Im sorry do I not fit the definition of rap for you Do I not fit into the sea of life a tinted blue Do I not say enough to sell the 200 dollar shoes Ill go fashion a rope so you can put me in a noose I dont spit pop shit I spit that weird shit the ones that make the dudes convulge and all the pussys wet dollars I don't get unless my plug let not much of a seller but Ill cop anything that costs enough to put me in debt haters will hate you till they get what they fightin for im writing for dollars for my daddy no worries at stores economy biggest stress that fell on anyones lap I dont see why we gotta care politics if they both aint fixin crap Im angry but Im way too high to give a fucking shit if you want it you gotta work it give it to them nice and thick I am hotter than the hottest sun furthest from our planet I am rockin uptown foxin feedin fuckers till they fatten not a movement not a hero just a man with some passion goal is to release the kinda beat that got you rock n jammin I go harder than I ever have I will get to some lacin I will cut you off harder than the jews in concentration woah things are just going too fast and the first thing that comes to my mind is that ill end up finishin last thats some fucked up shit thats some fucked up shit #audio #Hip #Hop

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