Big Roshi - FoH +Eskry

Published by Big Roshi


Music Video: Mixed and Written by Big Roshi Produced by Eskry Lyrics: FoH you kitten 4 more million Make mo guala than yo daddy in 4 door civic 4 more writtens 4 door livin Make mo money than yo daddy in a 4 door civic You been livin wit yo wifey what that makin you? You been sittin on yo ass like what you finna do? Steady actin like you got a say in this You gave up before you had a shot at being rich You just a bitch I dont need no friends Finna cop a allwhite benz Drop the rest on gucci shades (wit the) wit the tinted lense Drop 400 on a belt just to give it to one my friends Im not selfless im just righteous moral high on all my men If we pull up We hook up Then scrapyard all yo shit Wearin sick shit We drip drip Water wet on yo bitch Choke slam her Then buy fur She like it wit my clique She wont reply Please dont deny I just stole yo bitch hah #audio #Hiphop Rap #Big #Roshi #FoH #Eskry #Stoney

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