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As the hip hop scene has changed over the years, producer, and emcee BlakkV has managed to stay current and relevant by remaining focused on creating music that means something to the Hip-Hop generation. Coining the term “Black Visionary Intelligence,” this artist has taken on many roles to suit his multifaceted range of musical talents. As an emcee BlakkV flows over tracks, pulling together relatable lyrics that can remind some of the mid-1990’s NY rap scene. But as a producer, BlakkV becomes V.I., a well-seasoned engineer with a production range that bounces playfully across the music spectrum. A broad range of influence shines through in tracks, with influence from rock, reggae, and afrobeat to create a unique sound exclusive to him. Whether wearing the hat of BlakkV or V.I., he has proven to be one of the striving fresh new faces to the changing atmosphere of music across the board.
From first making an appearance in 2002 as V.I., BlakkV has grown comfortable with a mic over the years. Starting off as the producer for local Queens group, Real Recognize Real (RRR), BlakkV was able to bridge the gap between New York lyricisms by pairing it with the influence of gritty southern music. Growing with the members of RRR, SPEC Dolla, Var Brown, and Kev G., BlakkV moved on to help produce the group’s individual projects including SPEC Dolla’s Every Second Counts, and Var Brown’s The MISConception of Bad News. Recently, BlakkV branched out to Houston’s own Modern Renaissance to be apart of Ear Hustle Vol. 1.
After hitting the restart button in 2011, BlakkV was able to explore new waves of expression and move from the production boards to the recording booth. For the last two years, BlakkV has made a name for himself as an emcee, performing showcases and networking with like-minded artists and producers to show off his capability to rhyme. His upcoming project, The Boom Bap Theory, can be classified as his own take on the offbeat “boom bap sound, ”bringing listeners a taste of a booming kick drum followed by hard hitting snares. This new expression can be credited to BlakkV’s desire to share his outtakes of his life. “This is about going through NYC life; its about self-growth,” he says. “Self growth and self reflection. This is a time to go out and create something bigger than myself to share with myself.”
Although the ideal listener is himself, BlakkV wants to share his new project with everyone, especially those from is hometown of South Jamaica, Queens. Selected songs from 18 +1 track The Boom Bap Theory include “Stunt” and “Space Ship Bounce” produced by PUNK, and “Money and Power” featuring contentCarter and produced by Var Brown. Other special guest lyrists and productions include Kev G, SiXx, Premo, STEEZilla, Quicksaand, and JDilla.
Enjoyed by over 1000 listeners, current projects available by BlakkV include Shots Fly In The Dark, an exclusive beat tape available with free download from BandCamp and nostalgi(ATIC), in partnership with Film Barn Brooklyn, BlakkV has three available videos to his singles “LocoBro,” “Money and Power,” and “Stunt.” BlakkV can be contacted via social media and email, and is available for shows and bookings, while SoundCloud has the most recent and complete library of tracks available for worldwide streaming and downloading.

Follow @BlakkV on Twitter for upcoming show information, posting of new music, and updates on blogs and videos.

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