Doin' $#*% 4 Me feat. Content Carter

Published by BlakkV

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last Verse Last year was last tier now I'm rising up FUCK u bish My nigga be wyldin but if caught you know we innocent Bloody body count off in the dozens Uhaul truk n dump em Vividly I recall Drinkin gin heavily Blakk's bout blakkouts knocking bitchs Baks out Knock yo bitch ass bakkout dumpumpump n bakk out Understanding there might a need to take a life Wouldn't charge to my bros how that look that shit ain't rite plus wit this beat Got homicide all around me b Movin on up what yo bitch think that she Weezy she really be Florence strutin like I'm George bitch Moscato n vodka got these bitchs twerkin proper N my nigg i got enough rolled to Cruise my hood for hours What u know bout southjamaica killing field abandoned lots smokin glocks fiends n rock 4poundSixx (456) we got that raaaa Catch me in my zone Creepin for a come up head shot u gone #audio #new boom bap #Hip #Hop #Yitty #Trill

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