Blakk.V - Mood (Tony Montana)/ Verse ONLY produced by V.I.

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Verse ONLY produced by V.I. money n tha power i mean money bring tha power n tha power get hoes lined up for an hour they give me money for my power god cypher divine runnin circles round u cowards freeze sucka wit my ol shit thats cold swift leave off wit wit ur bootch call it cold case i aint even have to load clip tell her nigga like its in the eyes chico think she ride4 u? then y she mine chico waitin for a nigga like v to pull up n take her for a job like home depot trollin up in my holmes v tho i ont want her \ask young premo got me wife thats down n i only take urs cause it feeds my ego Fukboi count all ur blessings Got all of mine and a smith n wesson Candy paint lessons shake junt confession After perfections ihop for breakfast My eyes look restless every day in some next shit Sombitch who u testn feeln like tony montana off rip runnin no game stay authentic #audio #Trillshit #Hip #Hop #new #york #tony

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