Empire Of A Flotus Mind - Blame Adam

Published by Adam Malvi

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Empire of a Flotus Mind The darkness is the light. The darkness is formidable Lurking in the fear of the unknown. The conscious mind stands in a spotlight. A spotlight of fantasy and illusion. I ask you one question; Do you want to flourish in the contained, patterned bubble? Where the illusions drive you with falsity and deceit, feeding you false ego like an addiction. Where the spotlight is the only space known to mind and darkness around is conveniently forgotten. Where happiness is a destination to be reached and not the journey. Where short lived uplifting is worshipped and the true state of being is disregarded. Or do you want to elevate onto a higher level of consciousness? Breaking down the false ego, leaving behind the essence of your soul. Breaching the darkness into the light. Breaching internally, let there be conflicts, let there be fights. Breathing into a new age. No flight in imagining the light No flight in imagining the height Make it conscious. Make the darkness conscious. Be aware of the power of your mind. Dont let it seem menial and lowly, Your mind is a temple. Rise from the dense, Worship it. #audio #Experimental #peaceful #morning #soothing #feel #good #breath #easy #atmosphere #inner #peace #sense #of #being #moment #healing #vibes

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