Blaqk Diva-Williams
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Last online: 4 years ago

Hello all. Kennisha is my name, or you can call me Keekie. I’m a singer, songwriter, vocalist, poet, vocal producer and make up artist! I play acoustic guitar, still a work in progress, but I am an all around entertainer. Music is my birthright. It’s what makes up the majority of my life. I just want to share with the world, artists, and music lovers alike, my gift of music. I always always look to network with other artists, musicians and producers. Please feel free to hit me up. Shoot me an email at follow me of instagram @Blaqkdymen or even find me on Facebook! whatever measures you need to take to get in contact with me, please do! I’m an open book. Thank you for taking time to visit my page. Love God, Love people. Peace and Blessings.

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