Bnz Thomas
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Chris “BNZ” Thomas was born in Winnipeg Manitoba during the summer of 1995 and raised in Cross Lake Manitoba. Discovering a talent for music at only the age of 10 Chris quickly came to realize music was his passion and the young aboriginal rapper “BNZ” was born. Believing to have found his calling in life BNZ was a natural talent right out of the gates writing lyrics and telling complex stories with ease. A talent a man of his youth Seldomly posses.
Growing up around the heavy influence of gangs and violence BNZ took to his music instead of the streets as a means to stay on the right path and allow himself to chase his dream. Hoping to be an example for other youths who don’t see a way out of the viscous cycle themselves, BNZ’s music is a symbol of hope for troubled youths. A beacon pointing to a future for those lost on troubled waters. With his music reaching out to the youth, it stands to prove that nothing is impossible and to never give up on your dreams.

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