Left Of The Wayside

Published by Boolean Operator

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This was the initial first Track off of our Debut EP, "When in Rome". Due to the fact that our music started going in a different direction and this song no longer suited the rest of the EP content, we have decided to release this track independently. #audio #TheRealBooleanOperator #WhenInRome #TaishaRiccara #Triangula #LoopholeMusic

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JuergenJoherl @JuergenJoherl4 years ago

Interesting electro symphonical vibe...Teischa, you have a lovely warm voice and I already heard you can really sing well...yet I feel this could be done better by you..sorry to say so!..:-)..so Boolean Operator doesn't exist anymore?


Boolean Operator @BooleanOperator3 years ago

@JuergenJoherl Hi Jürgen! You're 100% right that this could have been done better! Thanks for this feedback! Totally agree with you! We hate listening back to it....it's one of those moments where we cringe! Boolean Operator still exists, but we took a bit of a break. Will be posting new things soon!


JuergenJoherl @JuergenJoherl3 years ago

@BooleanOperator Hi there..thanks for replying!..I had not expected to hear from any of you these days :-)...yet I hope you're both doing fine! :-)..well, this had been a first impression of the track..I could also comment on the production, yet I won't do that...good to hear BO is still alive..:-)..looking forward to hear any new stuff from you...best wishes & good luck! :-)


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