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Some say that he was born at a bush doof and that he enjoys getting stoned whilst watching Top Gear.
All we know is, he produces and plays all sorts of Psychedelic Trance music and he writes his biography in 3rd person when there’s no one else around to do it!

“I like soothing walks on the beach, prawns and full-on, epic head-banging psy trance!”

Born in Sandrigham in Melbourne Australia, Zac Wood grew up around the Victorian bush doof scene with influence from his father being involved with Earthcore Festival.

At the age of 8 years old, Zac produced his first ever CD at his primary school with tracks made using the DAW - Sony Acid Loops.
(Little did he know that these acid loops were going to trip him out when he got older). He now mainly uses FL Studio (versions from 6 – 12), Protools, Ableton and Logic.

“I came from a divorced music-illiterate family with my mum loving classic rock and roll and my dad liking electronic music. I couldn’t even register that low notes were on the left and higher notes were on the right of a keyboard until I was a teenager.”

It wasn’t until Zac really picked up his sound-engineering, music and DJ skills when he was 13 years old after being under the wing of Ozzy Tribedelic, James Hook, and Joel De-Ross (Syzmix – Psypneumatix Records, Australia).

Writing in first person from now on because this bio thing is stopping me from writing more tunes.

I later moved to Emerald, Queensland with Mum, sister and step Dad. I scraped through school after driving everyone mad with repetitive melodies in music class. This was the only way I could teach myself. I spent days straight on the laptop with a keyboard and guitar teaching myself music the way I hear it.

1200 Micagrams, Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Talamasca, Electro Sun, Bionic Empire and Syzmix are my all time favorite artist’s and my main influences with electronic music. The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, INXS (Dogs in Space), Led Zeppelin, Kylie Minogue, The Police, Dire Straights, Hendrix, Savage Garden, Black Sabbath and Vertigo (Hugh Wilson) were other musical influences too.

The “Bornvibe” name is a symbol of brotherhood. It belonged to my other half and my Piscean soul mate “Jason Coles”. We both started DJing together and it was originally our duo name. I wear the name so that I don’t feel alone when I’m nervous on stage. (true fact)
I moved to Brisbane in 2012 where I studied a Bachelor of Creative Technology (Audio Engineering and Sound Production) at JMC Academy. This gave me a massive advantage to meet the likes of many other talented artists and engineers which passed on their knowledge for me to craft into my own productions.

My first release, “Audio Tribe” was written by Joel and I and released with Ash Suntribe at Universal Dance records in October 2012. Audio Tribe was the duo Joel and I formed which we later re-named “Cymatic Empire” in order to keep the “Bionic Empire” days going with Keean Mallon.

I also released another EP “The End of The World with UDR after forming the duo “ARCSUN” with Triex in Brisbane. Arcsun – The End of The World was released at the end of the world party run by Adrenaline at the Arena.

Novemeber 2013, I released by first album “Beach of Pisces” with SunDance Records, Thanks Doc Fil and Franny. It was released at Earthcore Festival that year.

Heath “Upsydown” McLean has been a major influence in my writing and has helped me drastically with productions, we’ve roughly formed the duo “FunkTardZ” for a bit of fun – We both hope to find more time to continue working together to create more melodic goodness!

Other singles of mine were given for compilation albums on labels such as Cerebal Meltdown Records, Ruffbeatz Entertainment, BeatEngines Collective, UP Records, Ektoplazm and Solar Records from 2014 and 2015.

My latest EP “Cymatic Empire” released for free download was written to introduce the new name combining “Audio Tribe” and reincarnating “Bionic Empire”. The group consists of three generations of “Audio Jedi” – Joel being my audio jedi master and Luke “Valkyrie X” being my padawon.

(I guess you could say we’re all audio sluts) hehehe! ;)

2015, holds a good year for the Bornvibe project after opening for Juno Reactor and Infected Mushroom. With many gigs all over the country under my belt, I still treat every gig like it’s my last. I hope to venture over international waters to play my music to the world!

On March 6th, I threw my first doof for my 21st on a beach – I didn’t even know it was a full moon that night either! It was also the first installment of “Gaia Gala” which is my latest project running unique events and productions in Australia. The site was the exact same place Heath “Upsydown” first doofed at and was going to be his first headline gig! It was a perfect coincidence at how this party ran and I am so excited to put on more of the same events!

I’m very excited and content to release more music with UP Records and as of recently, Solar Records! (Big thanks to Jeannie for having me on board) <3

Hope to see you at the next bush bash

<3 BV

) ) ) d{O.o}b ( ( (

    uniE603 Funky Fresh Bornvibe Bedroom Bash Vol. 1 (Bornvibe & Friends - Psygressive Mix)
    uniE603 Call Me Remix -Blondie (Bornvibe & Elephex Remix) DEMO/WIP *FREE DOWNLOAD*

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