Skeewiffish - Jurassic5 - Jayou De Amor x 95 AD Cut x

Published by Edd Bowden

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flippers and all x is it summer yet?....x well anyhoo, here is a little mishummash of; Skeewiff - Mentira De Amor (instrumental) n' Jurassic5 - Jayou x it's only little x 95 cut version - you'll see why. more amor no cheeky cut x x you can follow the adventures of the lovely 'Skeewiff' via the soundcloud and other digi wonders no doubt, use yee fingers... x you can catch up with all things Jurassic5 via the worldwideweb x Happy New Year Fumans, here we go again x big loves, hip bumps and flippers up x #audio #x big loves x #skeewiff #Jurassic5 #Jayou #mentira #de #amor

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