a 'hip hip' - bump affair, for fish and fuman x

Published by Edd Bowden

  • 1 credits

flippers and all x a bit of a hip hip -bump summer come blend in a fish stylee for fish and fuman funs x the fish must apologise for the hangry flavour and his ranting in the ’new york post’ PE track x eek x opinions expressed are not necassarilly those of the fish x features all the usual suspects x and all available on the sound cloud too…fish thinks x so…big loves, hip bumps and flippers up y’all - peace x x well done the mama boo…and crew…or et al, as they are now big in the game’ x big loves; mimikirchner.com for the sockfish pic x flippin awesome x #audio #x big loves x #x #big #loves #x

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