Ghettofunk Freebee Jamboree x

Published by Edd Bowden

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ello x flippers and all so...thank you to the lovely fumans at Ghetto Funk all of these are now available for free dl! previously only record release too! x head over to or their soundcloud page for more. I had never played some of these before, so my apologies if some are wrong speed? hey...i'm a fish! recorded and blended in order (well...assigned to fish by computi order), fueled by pink wine and performed on a traktor. x tracklisting (out of respect for massive freebee business man!...and woman) below; 1.Father Funk - Emperor Groove - by Father Funk 2.Timothy Wisdom - Mama Said - by Various Artists 3.The Captain - Bam! – by The Captain 4.Poppin It - by Slynk 5.Slynk & Tom Drummond - Old School New School - By Slynk 6.Bobby C Sound TV - Devil In The Details - By Bobby C Sound TV 7.Father Funk - Jump On It - By Father Funk 8.Kool Hertz - Supadupa Bad - By Kool Hertz 9.Kool Hertz - Uh Oh - By Kool Hertz 10.Throwing It Wild - By B-Side 11.Hot In Here - By J-Roc 12.The Captain - Club Band - By The Captain 13.WBBL - Ryde - By WBBL 14.B-Side - Clap Ya Hands - By B-Side 15.The Captain - Kick That - By The Captain 16.Tonic - Thistle - By Tonic 17.B-Side - Stylin' - By B-Side 18.Father Funk - Take 2 - By Father Funk 19.G-Thing - By B-Side 20.Bobby C Sound TV - Home Schooled - By Bobby C Sound TV 21.B-Side - Yeah - By B-Side 22.Slammed - By J-Roc 23.Break It Down - By Slynk 24.Funk Ferret & Goodgroove - Rockin Rollin - By Funk Ferret, Goodgroove & DJ Soo 25.Tom Drummond - Pressure Cooker - By Various Artists 26.Fresh Witness - By WBBL 27.Kool Hertz - Originator - By Kool Hertz 28.Throw It Up - By J-Roc 29.Danger Machine - By WBBL 30.Playa - By B-Side 31.Talkin Bout My Baby - By WBBL 32.WBBL - Stephen! - By WBBL 33.Bobby C Sound TV - Beatcatcher - By Bobby C Sound TV 34.The Shaker - By Featurecast 35.WBBL - Mambo Baby - By WBBL 36.Been Real - By Stickybuds 37.Boomin - By Slynk 38.Dizzy - By J-Roc 39.Ikes School - By Featurecast 40.Slynk - Dancefloor Silly - By Slynk 41.Dreamer - By Featurecast 42.Slynk - We Come To Party - By Slynk 43.Check Menina - By WBBL 44.DJ Soo - The Message - By Funk Ferret, Goodgroove & DJ Soo 45.Funkanomics - Backyard Baby - By Various Artists 46.Smoothness - By Slynk 47.The Captain - Class & Style - By The Captain 48.Timothy Wisdom - Mama Said - By Various Artists, hehe repeat-sorry folks! 49.Kick It - By Featurecast 50.WBBL - Wooaahhhh Feat. B-Side - By WBBL 51.The Captain - Bam! - By The Captain, hehe repeat-sorry folks! big loves x #audio #big loves #ghetto #funk #fish #x

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