AstroType Quest (ft. B-SIM)

Published by bradtheabstract


ft. @B-SIM_music --- freestyle! prod. @TrahNalyd & @AstroType-Production [Intro: B-SIM] Let's rock I was just fucking around Shouts out to Brad for this one [Verse 1: Brad The Abstract] Hear me Hear the reflections of an unrespected, soon to be legend His heavenly message was neglected, ejected Or was it even played? Was it even played? Was it even played? Was it even played? Just fast forward to the chorus to evade the brigade His words strike fear like pulling pins out of grenades (grenades) But he swallowed the explosion, his enemies were safe As they remained, strained (strained) He put together pieces, searching for the peace Looking west, east, right, left Wings don't fly, neither righteous Just come and get high on an AstroType Quest On an AstroType Quest On an AstroType Quest I got a jay of the haze wrapped into crazy shapes Man these wavy days got me ashing Asher into Shady's tray Real rap on the way Just catch the juxtaposition, call it ancient astro waves Ancient astro waves Ancient astro waves [Hook: Brad The Abstract] It's the hippie of the Modern Day (the hippie of the modern day) It's the hippie of the Modern Day (the hippie of the modern day) [Bridge: Brad The Abstract] It's the o-one they looked past, looking back Caught up in a fast track Dreaming of the 2060's man Imagine that, if you can Fuck a Pineal Gland right? If you can, catch it [Verse 2: B-SIM (freestyle)] Another gland, another pineal Take a pint of that lean straight to the face I feel like I'm embraced by the martian, Cudi I see him again, similarities You hear us on the mother fucking stu Like we was cooking up meat beef with the stew Tryna eat good cuz' we eat well Hell is better than fucking Taco Bell Grade D Like my grades in my class senior year Didn't give a fuck at all Surprise right now I'm here But it's cool chill back, relax with a beer on your side With ya brews, chill like a mother fuckin' dude You know what we do Tryna impress your mind, like compress your mind This is all off the top of the dome Like your bitch giving it when nobody's home I don't give a fuck, I sit back and get stoned Chilling on top of my throne Hear me, I'm gone Soon to travel home on my astro waves Astro pave the way Astro save the day Let that ride out... Let that fucking ride out... [Outro: AstroType] Atro pave the way... Astro Waves... Astro save the day... #audio #Wave #New #Hip #Hop #Spacey #Wave #Trap #Rap #Experimental

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