Echos Of My Uncle Duane

Published by bradtheabstract


prod. @TrahNalyd I'll just sit back Lips zipped Take my time No rush I'll survive confined within While you're God confines your soul with sin crying, defiant An open mind thrives in silence An open mind thrives in silence I wish my uncle wasn't so silent about the anger is his head Instead he stepped in and locked the back door of the shed, Inked in a couple notes, his emotions spilled in red, Started the lawn mower, pushed the gas with his leg You should have cried out for help, or maybe even yelled, now mom always prays that you escape from hell it's a damn shame Now my mom always that you escape from hell Where the demons never sleep Fire always burns, burns I pray, he prays, I recommend you take your turn Cuz life it's lesson learned more than wealth obtained It's the knowledge gained, Imagine life without a picture frame You can't Flesh and bones leave, but memories remain I stroll within the flames with respect of your pain, Neglect all of the talk to the sky when it rains It's echoes of my Uncle Duane It's echoes of my Uncle Duane I walk within the flames Remember Uncle Duane #audio #Soulful Rap #Rap #Hip #Hop #Soul #Real

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