Diamonds (Rough Draft) I HAVE NO HOOK!!! Feel Free!

Published by Braden Sanchez

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So I've had this song for bout 8 months now... I've never put it out cause those who say they'll come up with a hook or somethin never pull through..... well enough waiting n fuckin around.. Here you go.. to anyone who wants to hit me with a hook FEEL FREE! email me at thanks! #audio #Rap #BSAN #Remix #Diamonds #Lyrics

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sistizogne @sistizogne2 years ago

hgj hjghghv saddacxz . cxvcc . sdf . vxcvcx ewdadad sdddffd


klara @klara2 years ago

that's a really nice mix..listen it whenever i am writing for since it's inspires me and i can come up with things i've never thought i could


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