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South Daytona, United States
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The Brain Kave is the home to Dox Boogie, Tek Luciano, Gravity, Bobby G., Natasha Marie & Stumik of Raekwon's Ice Water, with affiliates Absyrd, Prinz Mikul, Govarmynt Officials, HeadBop, Frigid Air Fam, ND Music, Rhyme Addicts, Solomon Childs, C-Rayz Walz & DPSMG plusMixtape Sponosors Legend & Mafia Mixtapes. We're an Independent Label, Production & Artist Collective , as well as Engineering Team, Clothing Line & Radio Network. BRAIN KAVE MUSIC IS... An Elite Indy Label Spanning the Globe. We inspire The Kavemen as they're called, comprised of MCs, Producers, Artists & Engineers(w/ top PR & Publicist). Everything is Done IN-HOUSE! Our Production Team includes Dox Boogie, SuperScrull, Rorschach, Pay Day Jones, Fottawan, Hi Caliber, StylezthaShadowFigure, Dray Yard, Speechless, JamesDean718, Street Scrolls, Bobby G., Gravity & DaStar. All Music Executive Produced by Dox Boogie for DOX BOOGIE MUSIC (ASCAP) Mixed & Mastered in The Brain Kave & Sound Dwellers NEED BEATS? NEED MIXING & MASTERING FOR GOOD RATES? PACKAGE DEALS AVAILABLE! Mixing, Festivals, Performances, Contact: BRAINKAVEBOOKING@GMAIL.COMBRAINKAVEMUSIC@GMAIL.COM for general inquiries, for NEWS, MUSIC & MERCHANDISE. • Tune To - Every Tuesday @ 9PM for 'Soundtrack 2 the Streets' Radio Show , broadcast worldwide! Also check out our Bandcamp Page for MORE Music @ With new PR, Publicist, Management , Consultant & Worldwide (P & D)Distribution + New Artists & Producers bringing us to Major Status, Expect alot more to come from Brain Kave Music Group and it's #KAVETEAM Sooner than later!.

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