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Lakebay, United States
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His name is Brian Sonneman
He was born in Tacoma, WA and his instrument of choice is his Voice! Although the singer songwriter is a gifted guitarist in his own right that began playing at the tender age of eleven. Anyone that truly knows this artist will tell you his true home is in front of a crowd and behind a microphone! Sonneman is also a prolific author. The Recording Artist has written thousands of poems, completed a collective work or book of poetry, which was titled “Idiosyncrasies” Brian has been published numerous times. As an author his work has found its way into various publications ranging from popular blogs, to online and land based magazines and newspapers. A few of his poems can be found in some fine books including the 1998 best seller from the New York Press ‘Reaching the Summit.’

The Singer formed the rock group “Sonneman”, a five-piece powerhouse that played every bar, tavern and nightclub in Seattle, Tacoma, and all the tiny towns in between. In the 90’s, a local music magazine ranked the band one of the area’s top ten rock acts to see live; they also placed Brian in their top five rock singers touring the West Coast at the time.