Adrien Brogniart
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Aix-en-Provence, France
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Bronix (Adrien Brogniart), french Producer and Dj, started making the most oh his passion for music at the age of 15, by composing remixes as well as his own music on FL Studio. Today, he is 22 and he studies music and sound at the IMFP Jazz School in Salon de Provence where he also has piano lessons. After visiting Techno, House and Electronic music, he decided to head into the direction of Funk, Blues, Swing, Glitch Hop and other derivatives. He was inspired by artists like Savant, GriZ, Gramatik, Coyote Kisses, Sirensceol, Zomboy and Madeon. Bronix hopes entering the EDM world that has always fascinated him.

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