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Milwaukee, United States
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CLLCTIVE is an independent net-label from Milwaukee WI, with a roster of international artists. We provide, support, and embrace artists whose passion for music and the creative process are evident. People who are compelled to make the work they do. We do this because we must. Same as breathing, eating, or sleeping. To survive this life. Thank you for taking the time to explore our world of ideas.

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V4 CLLCTIVE MIXTAPE COMPILATION is currently in the “New & Notable” section on

@Goldbloc after releasing Black Gold via CLLCTIVE was featured on Bandcamp weekly right here:

@WyattMUSIC after releasing Wyatt EP via CLLCTIVE was featured on Bandcamp weekly!
Wave of Good Noise
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thank you for taking the time to read this far; if you have in fact read this far…my name is ryan king. if your an artist on soundcloud that would like to get in contact with cllctive. email me at or message me on twitter @crlssofficial