SQZME - Pressure (COMMIT RMX) [Dubs Alive] ~ Out Now!

Published by Deep Vibes In Music

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Dubs Alive takes another deep dive in a fresh direction exploring it's first steps into Dub Techno. Hailing from the region of Donetsk, Ukraine, Sqz Me delivers the darkly beautiful Pressure EP. A producer with releases across many genres from heavier dubstep to rich chilled out house, this EP continues to display Sqz Me's chameleon like flexibility, stepping into the pumping depths of 130 BPM and Future dub. The title track opens with rich, tech'ed out chord stabs that really define the album. We are then introduced to the tastefully chopped female vocal which moans atop the massive pulsing sub bass lines. Experimenting with feels of 4x4, Garage, and half time, Pressure continues to expand and flow with minimal synths and thoughtful expansion of the harmonies. Caprisone opens with somber moody techno soundscapes, defining the uniqueness of this EP. Blending in distantly delayed vocal pulses that dance spaciously across a deeply minimal bass line, this exploration of open ended rhythms is executed with dubby grace. Culminating in a delayed 4x4 drop, the tune pulses with hypnotic chords speaking through vocal filters while crackles of bit crushed percussion accentuate the feel. One Drop Forward takes an even darker step in. Featuring a yummy noise crackling atop alien like synths, a healing and pensive atmosphere defines the energy of this tune as the melody sings over a monstrous, triplet laced bass line. A masterfully paced journey into space, One Drop Forward chills yet throttles with perfect half time clicks tying it all together. Stepping up with a huge original sound, Commit (hailing from Sydney, Australia) deftly combines elements of Garage, House, and Techno in his fantastic remix of Pressure. This version comes with sweet new melodies over the original harmony. Taking a serious yet dance floor friendly approach, the minimal use of groovy break elements combined with an epic bassline drives this melodic classic home, rounding out the sounds of the Pressure EP. Beatport link: https://www.twine.fm/signin #audio #sqz me dubs

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