My Apology (Heaven & Hell Pt. 2)

Published by Cashper

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One of my personal favorite tracks.. it is a continuation from a song of mine "Heaven & Hell" .. Like, Share & Download ! Lyrics: Why you tryna copy me, Y'all ain't ever stopping me, Took a couple charges you was tryna see a flop in me, Did it on my own, told myself this is a guarantee, Sorry to my peers, I burn em right up to the third degree, This is my apology x2 Did it on my own, told myself this is a guarantee This is my apology x2 Sorry to my peers, I burn em right up to the third degree. Sorry to my mama, sorry to my brother, sorry to my papa, Sorry to my family for causing all of this drama, Now I'm making you a promise that ill never need a choppa, Made myself a name, so my flow is sounding propa, I was broke my whole life, never Gucci or that Prada, So now you come to me complaining that you got nada, Cause i played my cards right like I been chillen in Nevada, Stack bread, bet high, lose it all in one night, Never sorry for myself, I'll make it back in due time, Music is my life & pizza was my part-time, So its money over bitches, like an organized crime, My homies from the brick and they ain't ever back down, Ill host a Friday night fight, and you can get the smack down, it's underground music till I get my damn crown, Cause I'ma young white boy who came from a small town. Hook.. Sorry to my homies, sorry to the phoneys, sorry if ya know me, sorry if you listen & start to think you can hold me, cause ya boy come off the bench on fire like ginobli, one wish, one mission, one team, one dream, & the understanding never let a hater intervene, Rap to me is real, I seen myself up in a dream, Taking over huge crowds , introduce the new king... See I don't like talkin bout no guns or how I'm clappin, I'd just rather tell my homie wassup, he'll bring the action, I'll be there screamin fuck it I'm young, & start the laughin, Thought ya told me nah I won't lose That never happened, dawg, So why don't you stop talking that hot shit, Know some homies doin that rock shit, Know my team all on some squad shit, Got 2 bitches all on some fly, and they liking what i do, I brought em to the crib so now I'm sorry for you too.. Hook.. #audio #Rap #my #apology #music #new #rap #Hip #Hop #mT #The #Transition #mixtape #heaven # #hell #part #2 #sorry #itzmT #real #rap #with #lyrics #lyrics #in #description

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