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Jeannette, United States
Last online: 1 year ago
In 2014, Conner downloaded the free version of Fruity Loops. Being able to get a feel of what the artists that he listened to can do. He purchased it. However, Fruity Loops wasn't the only DAW in his arsenal. Later, acquiring Magix and Ableton. Producing under the stage name, Caligo, he has a philosophy of Producer's Freedom. If the producer wants to make strictly one genre, that's up to them; if the producer wants to make any assortment of EDM, that is up to them. This is confirmed by his debut album, Anything Goes. As the title does detail, anything or any genre is viable. This album has twenty songs that are varied upon genre, sound, vocalists, collaborator. Adding to such, while DJing, he focuses upon the original content rather than taking from others. Contact: CNCiocco@gmail.com Follow me on social media: @caligomusic & @caligo_music

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