Square One (Prod. 5 Star Beatz)

Published by Cam James

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Sets off my newest series of tracks, fresh off a month-long hiatus. These joints introduce my newest EP with producer Remot, "No Role Models". Inspiration for the struggle. --------- Bridge Looked up to my idols thought them niggas was gods, my right hand on that Bible this life gon' take yo ammunition, them bullets out of that rifle been daydreamin' bout rings, nobody takin' my title Verse 1 Ain't feelin' that, 'cause yo heart sayin' you made it, that confidence is inflated you workin' hard for that praise, just to get it degraded lost in Frankie Beverly's Maze, man yo rhymes lookin' outdated take my advice, I'm feelin' like, you gotta stick to yo basics what you know best, square one and make plans to hit that next spot no big chains, fresh drop in yo present, but they recognizin' yo presence, them mixtapes is yo message and they listenin', strangers support yo craft got no time to get gassed though day job for that gas dough,'cause payin' the bills get real you come home to yo seeds, they need time and they need meals like Daddy, go spit that real, rock them stages to get that deal get rid of that pride first, 'cause this business divine cursed them groupies define thirst, end up like Jevon Kearse raided, but you can't hate it when you panty-line worshippin' Picturin' contracts, write ya name in cursive when radio bumpin' yo shit, people see you in person 'n scream, endorsements out the ass, face up on the screen man that's what you get for chasin' down ya dreams, for chasin' down ya dreams Chorus Came to win it, my time n' imma spend it ain't no guarantees, nigga nothin' is infinite these rappers ain't no gods, be a man about yo limits runnin' man pass GO, n imma catch you at the finish man I chase Verse 2 Bullshit in yo past, stay focused on yo present, make big moves off definites, yall strike out w/ that guessin I feel like a villain in essence cause, I use yall struggles, and yall pain for my song topics, my gain but that shit mine too most of y'all been lied to, n expect to fail to be the next nigga in jail cocked up what I got locked up got a microphone and I spit like hell javelin, discus, they throwin' shit at my business all I wanted was a better whip and some free time on my wish list huh, I love when they dismiss these messages I be kickin' out just quit announce that you movin' on, quick to bounce to my newest song step into these 13s, handle all my pride holdin' back my vision, this motivation inside I grind long as I'm livin', but I'm still takin' my time my mind tellin' me wait for it, my watch says about time game over Chorus, Bridge #audio #The Concept #TheConcept #SquareOne #5Star #Original #HipHop #Orlando #NoRoleModels #EP #Series #Dreams #Hype #Music #Rap

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