I'm Not A Rapper.

Published by Cam James

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*DL The EP Now!* www.norolemodels.bandcamp.com One of the standouts from The Concept's 5-track collaboration with producer Remot, "No Role Models". --------- This track is for Martin Thomas, the nigga who said I couldn't rhyme back in sixth grade... hatin' on me 'cause the girls liked it... yeah I hold grudges bitch Uh ridin' around my city wit, a straight face and no sentiments for them fuck boys that got problems, it's back to the Batman Robin shit, y'all gotta miss, my main goal, when I drop jewels like bang bros blank slate and my paint goes, but I'm not an artist, no Kangols or backpacks, I graduated, back at home and I kinda hate it part-time is my 9 to 5, and my full-time is tryna find greatness fly ain't it, somebody told me once that I'd be famous soon I still stay humble though, but my gun cocked and I aim at fools I don't be carryin' straps, but back when I was beginnin' to rap thought I was spittin' the venomous clips, it turns out all my venom was tapped, all of my women was bringin' it back, guess they saw some shit that I can't I had hard times that made hard rhymes, and it still ain't shit in my bank (aaahh) but it's all good, if I could rap I bet y'all would, come to see a nigga from miles out, skinny jeans that styles out off topic, but I had to say it, can't really get behind the gayness no pun intended, how-how long is this beat? I got about 10 fingers 'til meltdown, my team is myself now, the way it's always been self-dependent, but I realized I can't stay solo, need help to win since I can't rap, gotta link up wit' niggas who caaan, right? tryna be Kobe aaand Mike, to put that dick in vaaan dykes (groupies) meanwhile, my tires spinnin' I'm ridin' the 408 a few months back, a nigga was walkin' up, these same streets and I hated it I made it bitch, payin' my bills and all of that grown up shit these rappers actors, life is a movie, I'm the lead role to yo grip (blaow) and my life, like 8 Mile lately, earnin' recognition my way by any means, like Malcolm X and Ali, no bumaye and all I expect you to say, job well done, and really good work every instrumental I get, I gotta put rest in peace on my shirt (damn) don't Facebook, don't tweet shit, don't look at my Instagram hoe 'cause I don't really need no new friends, I started off on that ground floor braggin' about yo pound of dro, I hope that it got you high while yo self esteem get gassed up, I'm kickin' it in Dubai chillin' don't fight that feelin', lookin' down from all these buildings never saw myself in this position back when I was killin' niggas on blacktops, like crack rock, and I put that on my letters (bitch) already told y'all hatin' hoes, I can't rap, so do better (what else y'all got?) ...Martin #audio #The Concept #TheConcept #Remot #NoRoleModels #EP #ImNotARapper #NoRoleModelsEP #HipHop #Music #Rap #BandCamp #Collaboration #NoBars #Promo #TheConcept #Remot #NoRoleModels #EP #ImNotARapper #NoRoleModelsEP #

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