Breakin' Bad (Prod. @IAmFlyLife)

Published by Cam James

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Never been one for the preachin'. Broke more ways than one. If you feel this, like me on FB, follow on Twitter. ------------ White Since 13, I been fiendin' for ya, tryna taste that body I hope you forgive my transgressions, this road been rocky got me posted up in this lobby, and these questions got me prayin' up to get answers, I got the digits now y'all can't stop me pulled up to the house, from down the block, that's recon nice clothes, mad gossip, most comin' from the ones wit the big behind my first impression's on decline, got me questionin' if I want it still 'cause everybody I know that had it, be slick braggin', and they made me feel inadequate like they special or somethin'... uh, and we all made by the same dude conquests and yo bucket list is just actions, that can't change you y'all got cousins that bang too, so what's notches on the belt find me the one man without flaws, Hayzeus woulda never made it without help How many blank dreams did I sell, to women that fell for me couple lies I ain't proud of, take it like a man if I got hell comin' yeah I got those invitations, ain't responded so I ain't gon' live in the afterlife, told Mr. Christ we too straight, I just can't get wit' yo crib...but I still pray Chorus Amen...Amen...Amen...Lord (Breakin'...Breakin'...Bad) Amen...Amen...Amen...Lord Jesse (BITCH) walk in the door see snitches and bitches and cheaters and beaters sometimes you can find all of that in the preacher they passin' the plate, and I'm broke as a joke uh, them ushers is judgin', I'm hopin' they choke maaan, cause I know heaven don't be taxin' 'cause I done lived all around the nation, my sins is pickin' up accents wait, does God still love me? fantasizing 'bout Playboy bunnies in a mansion, lambos lookin' like money while y'all wishin' my pops had never gave life seen good, livin' the bad, and now it gets ugly far as rap go, y'all can't touch me...hammer came down south with the country...grammar bars on angel wings, but they turnin' black and my diagnosis been cancer all I been doin'... is givin' my sermon in pieces y'all call it music, this is my life though ain't too many reasons you ain't gon' catch me up in no church 'cause I just don't see it I know what y'all thinkin' perfection is and I just won't be it got my own opinions on Jesus, trust me don't need y'all agreement imma live my life, y'all mind yours just kickin' back wit' my heathens Breakin'...Bad Chorus I am the one who knocks open the door, you see it I am the one who knocks (2x) #audio #The Concept #Breaking #Bad #Breakin #Bad #Wyte #Myke #Original #Hip #Hop #Rap #Walt #Jesse #HipHop #TV #WalterWhite #Soundtrack #Bitch

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