Selfish (Prod. @BRadBeats)

Published by Cam James

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In case anything ever comes of this music, I gotta have the right people around me. Loyalty means a lot. Get to know me. ------------ Verse 1 Sometimes I sit and think about my potential to make it not just in music, 'cause there's other boundaries to break in -stead of hoppin' into spaces and hopin' that I can fake it I'll put some serious time in then turn the page like Sudeikis it's Wilde, tryin' to make amends, but at the same time tryna make ya ends meet halfway, on that ya fate depends workin' on loadin' docks, or customer service n ignore the clock while you watchin' stars get hoes on a yacht when you was younger what you thought ya destination was? another broke nigga standin' in line to pay the club? half of ya paycheck for VIP wit' bottles comin' bout every hour in showers impressin' models that's cool I guess, do you but they ain't leavin' thinkin' you the best them dudes'll flex, when you need 'em askin' "what we doin' next?" all 'cause you lack conviction, too many parallelograms inside ya circle half they asses matchin' that description Chorus then they gon' call you selfish (hol' up, I thought that this was my money, they standin' in line for me) it's human nature, man they can't help it (ain't gon' happen to me, my patnas got loyalty n they gon' die for me) then they gon' call you selfish (hol' up, I thought that this was my money, they standin' in line for me) they smilin' and they pretend, long as paper comin' in if you lookin' for the devil watch ya family and friends Verse 2 Listen, When I was young I never was the nigga women followed stayed lookin' for somethin' deep and them chickens was hollow genetics kicked in, looks caught up wit' my talent went to college, and next thing I knew I was knockin' boots wit' models huh, everybody get they day in the sun, yes some, get more than others, but life is a game of runs make yo comeback, I'm forcin' my doubters to pay respects Jay Elect, I might leave bitch but my uzi weighs a ton fans support the tapestries that fall out my mouth but I got a few that hated, if only you knew what it took to make it Loyalty ain't common nowadays, dry snitchin' and swagger jackin' somebody tell me what happened 'cause navigatin' my life, is like headin' to work in traffic backpackers n actors in front of me packin' mattresses temptation to sleep on me, the power's strong with this one give me a mic and one minute, I'm killin' Sonny Liston Loyalty is, havin' the same vision same purpose in the long run, like it's Usain sprintin' one hunnid, my DBs deep, y'all better run it lockdown my circle make all of them squares punt it Got some homies that drink, some homies that steal, the latter was my particular vice to be real, I had a brain full of plans, not all of 'em panned out but my day one crew? we out here payin' bills and one day my kids gon' call me selfish... hope to God I got the strength to spend money on these fools bu

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