Comatose feat. Jabril Power (Prod. William Gerhardt)

Published by Cam James

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@WilliamGerhardt blessed ya boy with a powerful instrumental on this one. I brought the thunder, and @allthatpower lit that bitch up. Heavy. More from William Gerhardt: More from Jabril Power: Follow Jabril Power: ----------- Stop watchin' television (2x) somebody gotta find the truth (2x) Stop watchin' television (2x) Give the people what they want ...or they gon' take it Verse 1 [The Concept] Ok my shoes tied, and my mind ain't standin' about 6'2", my intellect about 9'8" give a fuck what yo friends do, our lifestyles do not relate 'cause I'm typin', hieroglyphics might heighten the sense of purpose y'all writin' wit' I had to try... Jesus wasn't Caucasian, y'all know that's a lie Pearl Harbor's sad, but what about all them asians atomized somethin' like an atomic bomb when I speak foundations been cracked under yo feet so many lies I memorized in my school days sleepin', in that school daze, when grades were less than cool J's on the radio it's no cool J's, and the future ain't too bright free bands, on three bands, on the same station all night, state Columbus pillaged, got a, holi-day all the real, killers, got a-way I'm just preachin' from the booth somebody gotta find the truth Verse 2 [Jay Power] find it you might not like what you see. (x3) you'll understand the world's fucked up and your'e just a cog in the machine. niggas wanna bitch when i came through with it trynna get these niggas out of prison tried to free their minds swear to god on i'm on a mission. i'll admit it i am not from here landed on this planet bout a 1000 years ago body froze real shit comatose ET phoning home easily expose it all go toe to toe cell phones gotta lock on you work gotta lock on you church gotta lock on you the world gotta lock on you who the fuck do you work for? what happened to all your dreams? whyd they have to kill dr. king? whyd they execute socrates? and i aint stopping until you see. saw discs flying into the sea. how you claim american--but fear the government? yall aint doing shit, yall tweeting about it. I saw yeezus stand on top of mountain--so i feel i gotta do something about it. gotta do something with all of my talents and free all my niggas see that's automatic. i came with fucked around and changed the game with it. you see i came with it me and you we not the same we not the same. Verse 3 [The Concept] We are not the same, cause I got my brain set on revolution, my weapon's change to get level playin', fieldin' questions 'bout politicians, women that they be sextin' like watchin' foxes (why?) they mostly red, they make my head spin and they flippin' tales, you black and male, looks like you handlin' that affliction well, and to fit yo standards, I gotta change my voice like Christian Bale, been feelin' like we blind and they mass-producin' some different braille, if I don't speak up, I'll be doin' somersaults and flips in he

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