No Trophies (Prod. Hit-Boy) | Drake

Published by Cam James

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In case the metaphors skydive over the dome, here's a translation: "I'm better than you." A remix of Drake's "Trophies" prod. Hit-Boy. No Applause EP comin' May 3rd, this is a taste of what I'm bringin'. -------------- Forget startin' on time Open up the doors to yo house watch yo 6 don't run yo mouth gun roll out, shine when the sun go out hyperbolic, they like the product I kick, I am the one no doubt tight defense, I'm judo, culo less than the new dough, pluto that guy in the sky, ya boy identify wit' gon' be planets soon tho that's why my cloud on nine my lines run all down yo spine yo shit counterfeit, hadoken n counter it, wit my yoga flame yeah, you might not know my name Cam James, nigga nice to meet ya prodigy, but I don't rap like Prodigy I'm the type enlighten teachers it's like... a little black boy turned dark knight wit no symbol imma kill this shit, tap dance on that bassline n that cymbal my real life it ain't rental, y'all might wanna watch my next move better rhymes means less boos, white nose wit' no restrooms my bars resemblin' chess moves, everybody thinkin' they kings got angel dust plus crack rock, you put a microscope to my rings zoom in, can't really call myself a human, already learned a lot from losin' and I been chasin' it all my life, so nigga you win, psyche I ain't gon take shit, I'm the one controllin' my life and it ain't about trophies, ain't about trophies, it ain't about trophies Been doin' me, forget what you know what you thought you know talkin' the same shit you just runnin' in place really thought you'd grow ain't no Grammys changin' my chase look at this face, do I look like I care? love it or not, I'm here, Based God, my blessings rare yeah, prolly a lesson here, or somethin' like that seen niggas that hate, but yo girl like it, they're comin' right back indeed myself and I backin' me, talmbout long nights, that's stress every time I do my best, feel that poundin' inside my chest 'cause when that beat drop ya get brief shock it's like, "God damnit I'm next!" somethin' like birthdays, ya catch the punches like, "God damnit I flexed!" nigga I'm turnt down, little bit hype n I ain't loud by choice I know my words strong, my lyrics ill and ya girlfriend love my voice might wanna fall back, my head too big for a ball cap so I'm intertwinin' this wordplay, straight bindin' a man like All That spit my thoughts in all caps, serious matter, shoutout to AKA, ditched that lame shit, I'm 'bout real talk, I can't fuck wit' the ay bay bay won't catch me where the AK lay, que bebe? Yo soy alegre maxin' out, 'cause that's what the passion bout, kick like Pele plays face it, yo whole style straight basic, I'm Jordan Brand and you Asics, don't show ya face in my radius, I might break a bitch #bars My mind like space shuttles on Mars ya hear my footsteps, and y'all lames lockin' yo cars it ain't about trophies, ain't about trophies, it a

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