I Might Be A Rapper.

Published by Cam James

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The lead single from Cam James & Remot's second collaborative effort, No Applause. The EP is due for release on May 3rd, exclusively via BandCamp. Follow Cam James: www.twitter.com/TheCJ90 Follow Remot: www.twitter.com/_Remot www.camjamesmusic.com ----- Lyrics: Nigga I might Said imma run this bitch nigga I might (3x) Uh this mic, well really it's a weapon of mass destruction way I'm feelin' I could kill a nigga hype I been a villain all my life thinkin' imma back down, really imma write sentences, death comin' its really outta spite 'cause the fact is, I don't really like y'all, nah fuck bein' on top, nigga might fall see better wit' the lights off, y'all pray die when I take a bite, 'cause y'all prey ya ain't rappers, Jaheim or Sade Ranger to Tonto, bye kemosabe uh, never will I, be a Wale solo, homie no labels that don't fit post up for the snipe, and I don't miss stop, I got frozen in oh six no liquor, no weed, n no bricks can't front, I ain't messin' wit' the blunts whole rap game high though hijack for plaques, PAP PAP y'all got vitiligo money turnin' y'all white like silos n I'm tryna re-write like typos 16 in between intervenin', forces rapped 'cause I couldn't hit a high note yeeaaa Yeah Couldn't hit a high note but I had moves, I could dance like Michael picked rap 'cause of places the mind go now I'm tryna kill y'all, hand on the bible pray, you gon' be dead fo' the night go you the type of nigga I don't like spit bullshit, y'all niggas don't write fuckboi, I been waitin' for this shit my whole life CJ bitch Right, name in the light deemed hostile, got changed by the bite on sight, dumpin' out my brain on the mic nah, can't glorify chains or the vices Isis, I don't rap for the ibis birds hangin' on a nigga words so go 'head, front like I ain't up on the verge of big time, find the meanin' in my verses, go How so, hell wit' the flow poison, one man Bell Biv Devoe got crack, n i ain't gotta sell it to know 'cause I just do, like Kel wit the sodas told y'all imma run it, this is part 1 sneeze on the mic, beg y'all pardon too sick got tricks for the victims pow like Ricky I'm the best, bar none lift off from Neptune, wave to the Martians a nigga raised in the south got jargon but no accent, out-navigated the captains and made it on stage through the back end got my back bent tryna be a nice dude said fuck that, now I made the right move think twice, 'fore you pop shots never stop watchin' my hook like Tyson, ya might lose Imma get drunk, then fight like a white dude I just got a deep tan genocide bars, I be tightenin' the noose up, they should put me in the clan homie I just spent a couple grand broke ass nigga wit' a million dollar plan kidnapper shit, better pay a nigga ransom they gave me one chance, imma show em who the man is Cam... #audio #Cam James #Remot #I #Might #Be #A #Rapper #I #Might #Single #NoApplause #Ep #2014 #Promo #Atlan

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