Paradigm Part I (Prod. Zlender)

Published by Cam James

  • 1 credits

Change is comin'. At my best, I'm simply an agent for it. The Music Video: ------------ Verse 1 Imma need some duct tape, some chloroform, cut-outs for ransom notes a pair of sturdy handcuffs, and a couple antidotes to venomous bites, some gold chains actin' as antelopes for cubs thinkin' they lions, a chick that look like Amber Rose standin' on the corner, mind her business, ass pokin' out n therefore, she drawin' attention, n I been plannin' 'bout three years, bringin' the lower elements to they knees, why? mostly 'cause y'all motivated by vanity, greedy you'd rather be seen at Summer Jam wit' yo hands up on the screen than put that work in, buried my self inside of my dreams ya hustle virgin, mine been so deep in these women's minds that they plottin' to take my girl out, sendin' pieces for rhymes like Bridge Play ya cards right, cooperate, and we won’t kill ya love novacane up in my veins,‘'til I feel the drugs fiendin’ for the needle, desert eagle, pumpin' heroin feelin' after shocks, crack rock wasn’t real enough Hook The paradigm shifted…n it ain’t movin’ back I guess I gotta live wit’, stuntin’ n movin’ stacks popular demand, trap boys all over bandwidth I stand with, real shit, I ain't never losin' that (2x) Verse 2 Too many futile complaints, that shit been shifted, but you pullin' back how? Modern day artists measurin' worth and pull they stacks out Imma just play my latest record, while they try to transcribe it and carbon copy all my methods, but that won't be easy I got ideas from Confucius, and my flow from Genghis Khan Bake w/ Hades, rock Hermés when I break Lebron Back to this kidnappin', man I told yall my tape would hold it Just stop strugglin', no point in fightin' can't break the coldest My reputation's such, that haters hate to touch, I hate to rush but my trigger quicker than squad cars when they make a bust illegal search of my person, they found ambition, packin' fire check my trunk, I got respect under my spare tire Bridge Hook (2x) #audio #Cam James #Zlender #Paradigm #ParadigmPartI #2014 #Original #BackAtIt

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